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We found this post on Facebook, and with Mr. Murphy’s permission, are reprinting it here.
          Michael Murphy
Sunday July 23, 2017 at 10:06am · London, United Kingdom

Happy Sunday, people. I wanted to take the time to reference a post which I read yesterday. Jon Law, who is a regular on Savetaxi, was open and honest about where his mind was. Taking a day off work and feeling lost. Having very little money to go do much after covering all his bills, following a long week at work.

Now, if anyone knows Jon, you will know he’s a man mountain , Triceps like biceps, and biceps like thighs, but that doesn’t mean he can’t feel vulnerable. I would be surprised if there’s anyone in our trade who currently doesn’t feel vulnerable. There’s no shame in that.

What’s important is that we remember we’re not alone. Speaking up about our fears can only help us overcome them. We all express fear in different ways. Some through comedy, some through anger, and some through constant moaning, but nearly all of those emotions are stimulated by fear. The fear of being unable to pay bills. The fear of the unknown. The fear that life may call upon us again to challenge our resolve and step out of our comfort zone.

Fear is an emotion that reminds us we’re alive. Another emotion that also has the same effect is Love.

There’s that good old saying “love hurts”

And yes it does. When we argue with the people we love, it hurts. When we see pain in the people we love, it hurts. When we see the job we love being destroyed, it hurts.

So many of us probably didn’t realize how much we loved our job until it started to hurt, witnessing phone gazers ignore us and choose a service which is not only breaking rules, but creating new ones to only serve them.

But right now this is not about them. It’s about not being afraid to show your human side. Life is never meant to be smooth sailing. Hell no. It’s meant to be uncomfortable. It’s meant to keep us on our toes and challenge us. It’s human growth. Without pain we don’t grow as people. Physically nor mentally. The key is to know when you need help. In the gym, you call on a spotter when you know you’re reaching your physical limit. In the real world, there are spotters everywhere, don’t be afraid of calling upon them when you’re reaching your mental limit. You don’t have to know someone to open up to them. You’ll be surprised, in your moment of need, how many people will show and offer you support.

Our job is on a knife edge, no doubt, but it doesn’t mean our lives have to be. Life flashes by us at an astonishing speed. Try and enjoy as much of it as you can. Try not to let the system drag you down. And when it does, reach out a hand…. Someone will grab it, I’m sure of that.

Its a long post, so if you’ve made it this far, then well done, lol… and thanks for taking the time. Hopefully it will help at least one of you remember that fear is something we all share.

Be lucky

Taxipoint Global editor.